But what does he actually look like?

Have you ever seen a person and wished you could be just like them? I guess it’s something we’re all guilty of at one time in in our early years, but at that stage of development it’s okay to aspire to be someone, or perhaps, just like someone. That desire at a pre-teen age is understandable.

Clive Johnson Author

What I am talking about is later in life. Has there ever been a moment when you wanted to actually be someone else. It might have been a famous celebrity or sportsperson, a billionaire or world standard achiever, but it may have also been your neighbour, colleague or friend. Weather its someone known or recognised by the public or not, isn’t the real desire. It’s that they will have something you don’t. This is the route to why we would want to be someone else. It’s to have what they have, do what they do or know who they know because you think it’s a better option than what you currently have. I have to admit, I have watched a musician play an instrument and wished I could play like that! I’ve witnessed a dancer spin across a floor and yearned to do that and I have listened to a singer raise the roof with their magical sound and wanted that skill, but I wanted it without the years of dedicated learning, practice and determination they all have paid.

I'm sure there have been times when people have said, if I could only tap into their way of thinking, their thoughts and their imaginings, then so much more could be known. Just think, if for example we could actually know the truth in an accused criminals mind, we would be able to bring resolve to many without long court proceedings and without remorse or error of judgement. If we had someone else’s looks, we could win that partner we always wanted and if we could take that persons place whilst retaining your own morals and beliefs, perhaps wars and terrible decisions could be averted. There is so much that such a desire could bring, but to what result and to what end? Is the grass greener, is the responsibility of such additions to our own selves in danger of being more dangerous or is it something that as it can’t be done, it needn’t be debated… but what if it could…

They say, in every lie there is a truth and in every myth there is a belief just as in every rumour there is a hint of the possible. The American Indians believed they could see through the eyes of animals and their enemies. Some African tribes believed they could enter the body of another and in the west some believe another can be possessed by another’s spirit or soul. The ancient Egyptians believed they could talk to the gods and take the body of an animal as their own, be reborn in the afterlife and see through the eyes of another. So why is it that we can’t give a moment, a suspension of realism or what is to us real and logical, to the idea there may just be something in all these different cultures believing there could be some truth to it? If it were therefore possible, however far-fetched and albeit for a moment, would you desire it?



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