Right to Write

I have often been asked, why do I write. I guess everyone has an escape. For me, spilling my imaginings onto paper is much like a musician letting their feelings flow through sound. I see a story in my thoughts and let the events unfold onto the blank pages, filling them with drama, movement and an intensity that draws the reader into its developing story. Sometimes it pours out faster than I can get the words down and I struggle to keep pace, whilst other times it stalls, so I dream alternate paths to the story until it inspires me to continue. As the story begins to take shape and the direction is decided, the movie in my head demands I make a record. Hence, I write.

But, it’s not a selfish escape, I want others to enjoy the imaging’s and adventures I see, so I write to an audience. I try to always stay true to reality, making the actions and events as real and believable as I see them. Sometimes, my characters join me at work, sit with me on a train or dance across a brief cup of coffee. In my mind, they are badgering me to take up the pen and let the world hear their words. Fanciful as this may sound, it’s how my mind works. Stories and actions are continually evolving in my head and desperate to get out. If I find myself stuck in a scene in the writings I put down, then I will replay the sequence like a blockbuster film, constantly developing different scenarios, altering the script or changing the view until I am inspired again and the badgering to pick up the pen returns.

I do have rules. They are my own rules and probably hardwired into my DNA, but I don’t like to write anything that I can’t believe myself. That’s not to say I won’t include a momentary suspension of disbelief, but it has to be acceptable to the characters, true to the fabric of the story and most importantly, enthralling to the reader. And so, dear reader, this is why I write… this and the constant badgering from the room full of characters in my head to release the pressure cooker of words that swirl through my mind.



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