How do you have over 30 manuscripts?

It’s true. I do have a little more than 30 manuscripts in various stages of completion. Ideas I come up with that begin with a vomit of ideas onto paper and go from there. My mind never stops. Ideas and alternate stories always swirl in my thoughts. But getting it to a completed manuscript is a challenge. Writing any new book is laced with issues that require nutting out first. It’s started, as mentioned, by a gradual development in my head, which then grows as I become more invested with the possibilities of the concept.

First, the characters come to life, simple avatars to begin, then their characters develop to suit the time and place I decide on, for the story. Once I have the who, the where and when, I begin to weave it into a starting chapter that will determine the leads and direction the story will take to match my concepts. At this stage, I don’t have much idea as to the detail, just the direction and possibly the outcome of my story. There is nothing better than getting into a groove and letting the story grow. I am inhibited only by the speed my fingers (both of them) type in contrast to the thoughts I have. It can be frustrating at times as I come up with great ideas and wordsmith the sentence in my head, only to lose it in the handicap of finger typing. That aside, the direction of any idea I have is developed from a simple idea. The padding out and attention to details comes much later. Usually on my second to fifth review of the skeletal framework of the story. It’s how I have such a suite of manuscripts, all begging for a chance to go to print.


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