Eye of Egypt on Tut

Looking at characters introduced to the series and the reasons I chose them. For me, the story needed a dog. Man’s best friend and something readers can easily accept and picture. Tut, the black and white burglar dog. Named as such by Sarah, who when told of his appearance being “fur as white as the clouds except for his four black paws and a large black patch over both his eyes, like a blindfold,” responded with “Like a burglar, Tut’s a burglar dog,” and so it remained.

Having an animal in the story gave the book a real sense of family to the group. Tut, having given Sebastian an opportunity to escape form the Nomads early in book one, followed the group through to Cairo and then became part of the team. His presence, one of simple pleasure and faithful companionship gives an opportunity for the reader to see glimpses of emotion from Tan and protective instincts from the group that sometimes give way to disasters and other times saves the day. All the characters I develop are very real and true to life, relatable and genuine. They possess no brilliant talent or world standard skills, just learned real behaviours that sometimes work and other times don’t. Tut adds to this real life story and intrepid teams adventure with typical mischief only a four legged friend can do.



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