Eye of Egypt on Tan

The introduction of the Japanese Sensei, Hiromoto Tanaka, Master Samurai was something I wanted for a number of reasons. Firstly, during the 1860s, many foreigners travelled to Egypt in search of treasures and so, the presence of an Asian in the book was acceptable. Secondly, I wanted someone with a very matter of fact vision of what was happening in the story. The cold aspect of Tan along with his limited English allows situations to seen from a different perspective, that which allows his role as a protector and his lack of emotional connection to deal with situations bluntly.

Like Sam and Billy, Tan’s character is not perfect, he has a habit of drinking and gambling, has no filters in putting forward his opinions and often is the cause of many incidents simply by his actions or presence. However, in in times of crisis, Tan is always the one to jump right in. I took much pleasure in seeing his character bond with the twins and the slow acceptance of Tan to the rest of the team. Tan joins the story early in book one and although on the outside of the growing group of misfits, he slowly starts to work his way into their approval and becomes one of the group, accompanying them through the trilogy. His presence in Egypt is later realised when the group come across a dig expedition that is dealing with a cave-in. Here we discover why Tan is first found in the desert and secondly reveal his moral conflicts. Each character I use has a number of layers that expose themselves as the story evolves. This is done to continue keeping the reader involved as well as invested in the changes. Tan is complex, loyal, cold and ruthless, but his heart is pure and those he protects revel in the knowledge Tan will be there to keep them safe.



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