Eye of Egypt on Sam and Billy

I have been asked, on numerous occasions, in the Eye of Egypt series who my favourite characters are? More to this, how and why they came to be characters in the adventure. As a consequence of these regular requests, I have decided to dedicate a number of blogs to reveal something of my character’s beginnings.

Sam and Billy.

The twin Americans have a very important role in the series. They are the brave and skilled wild west gunslingers who despite a limited education, represented strong moral values and an unbreakable bond with those they befriended. The two are introduced to the story in the middle of book one when Tan stumbles into a bar in search of alcohol and a game of poker. The brothers, who have a penchant for whiskey, women, gambling and regular mischief, invite Tan to join in a drunken game with locals and so begins the adventure of the Devlin brothers.

Their purpose for being in Egypt is not made clear until the second book when they accidentally reveal why they can never return home, which is where a misguided past creates another richness to their personalities. For me, Sam and Billy bring humour and an unbreakable bond that perfectly balances the other characters in the series. They are by no means perfect, in fact, they have many flaws, but when it matters, they rally to those they care about and prove to be the most colourful characters in the series.



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